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Natural Fertility - Video, Guides & Recipe E-Book

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Having trouble conceiving is more common than you think - and guess what? There are things you can control NOW to improve your chances of conceiving. Common life factors like the foods you eat, frequency of sex, timing, and more are blocking you. Things such as stress, blood sugar imbalance, weight, and more are also factoring in. You will learn the 7 biggest factors that impact your fertility and what you can do about them. I give you the SOLUTIONS to remove the roadblocks from your fertility. I created this to teach women about infertility and to show them do-able ways to support their bodies, start on a path that will help them, and reach their ultimate goal - having a baby. Are you ready to be free of the disappointment and heartbreak of yet another negative test? Are you ready to balance out your hormones and give your body what it needs to remove the roadblocks? THEN ENROLL NOW FOR ONLY $37! This program includes: Natural Fertility Video packed with details on how to support your body and the necessary steps needed to improve your chances of conceiving. ($250 value) 6 Fertility Superfoods To Eat & 5 Foods To Avoid Guide ($100 value) 10 Simple Steps To Reduce To Toxins Guide ($75 value) Supplements & Herbs For Fertility Guide ($100 value) Meal Prep Guide ($100 value) Recipe E-Book with 35 scrumptious, fertility-supporting recipes you will LOVE! ($150 value) You will have access for 1 year from your enrollment date.

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